I would like to add order notes to smartcheckout.aspx.

Is there a way I can do this?
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The order notes are actually integrated allready,  as the "Delivery Instructions:" in the shipping address fields so it actually is a dual purpose text field. You should really change that string resource to convey that use though.

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wow. that was a fast response!  thanks.

Ok.  I see that now.  I was logged in the first time I looked at smartcheckout.aspx.  Since I was logged in these did not show up.

Is there a setting to have this show up for logged in customers?

I logged out and checked out the page and it is great!
I happen to be the moderator so I saw your question first :-)

Since the box is inside the shipping address entry, existing customers with a shipping addy already defaulted will not see the box unfortunately, but they can EDIT the address to get to it.

You might consider adding some text to the string resources involved with the shipping address editing such as "Edit your shipping address to access Order Notes". You can use HTML in the string resource.

If you don't have this setup, it is pretty cool to help you determine what string resource you need.

I've been working on this since your first reply!  I think it will be fine.  Existing cusotmers have enough information in our system we should be able to figure this out.  It's really the new ones so this will be perfect.

Thanks for the fast reply.  I'm really excited about this. We've been needing this for a long time and now with the one page checkout and this field taylored to our needs we should be good!