For some reason, the reductive navigation seems to be working with Internet Explorer, but not with other browsers.

Any idea how to fix this, a lot of folks are using Chrome and Firefox these days and I don't want them let down.

The website is
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I clicked around on the site a bit and reductive nav seems to be working (for example Playing Cards -> Copag Cards -> 1 deck).  Do you have a specific example where it's not doing what you expect?

You might have your dev look into the 'Uncaught ReferenceError: coderz is not defined' error your site is throwing on every page, related to some custom 'DigiCert Site Seal Code' on your store (open the browser console, usually F12, to see that error).  Sometimes if a page gets 1 javascript error it can mess up other javascript on the page, which might be causing you some problems.
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The issue seems to only occur with firefox and google.  So Playing Cards -> Copag Cards -> no change.  We click on the reductive nav and nothing happens.  Works great in IE still.