I have a ASPDSF site in v8014 and have been unable to upgrade it due to some customizations I did in the past (ie. integrating Speedee delivery. shipping to the cloest warehouse) I installed the Smart OPC and everything was fine until I realized the billing phone number was not an option. I understand most billing will be the same as shipping but there wasn't even a spot if it was different. I need that option to be on there to submit to my inventory system through Sage. Version 9.4 has this in the SOPC and I compared the code and tried to swap it out but I would keep getting server errors.


Any help is appreciated.
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Dkilgore, we are one of the few partners with source code rights to the OPC so can make this change for you. Please contact me  Jan at  jsimacek @ compunix.us
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Thank you but I have the source code already and I made the change but it errored out.