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How to switch from skin to another and redirect to a XML package?

We are going to publish an ad in an online job agency site that will link visitor to a landing HTML page. This page checks if the visitor is at computer or mobile. If he is at computer it just redirects the person to the a page in the Skin1 and if he is in mobile to a package in the Skin1. I just don't know how to to switch from skin to another one AND redirect to the proper page at the same time.

Any idea?


asked Feb 12, 2016 in MultiStore by Yan Kleber (1,245 points)
edited Feb 12, 2016 by Yan Kleber

1 Answer

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Never mind, I figured it out myself... In case of someone is in the same dilema...

To switch to the mobile skin:


To switch to the full-time skin:



answered Feb 12, 2016 by Yan Kleber (1,245 points)