I need to have the Order Notes on the One Page Checkout. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions?

This post:

Indicates that the Delivery Instructions field serves the same purpose, however we need to have it displayed all the time, for every customer. It does not work for us to have customers edit their address to enter the notes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I noticed there was a read and display of the Order Notes in the ShippingAddressStatic.ascx. I was able to reference the code in shoppingcart.aspx(.cs) and ShippingAddressEdit.ascx(.cs) to convert that display into and editable box. So now there is an Order Notes box permanently displayed on the one page checkout via the ShippingAddressStatic.ascx. Although the location is not ideal (on top of the shipping selection box), having it on the page is better than making the customer click to edit their address, or go back to the shopping cart.

Ideal location would be to have it in the right column.

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