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Tax is being charged on shipping for a product that should not have tax charged at all

I have products on my site that are set to not be taxable. However, upon checkout users are being charged a small amount for tax which appears to be based just on the shipping cost and nothing else. For example, the shipping cost is $4.99 and the tax ends up being $.30 (at 6% rate). I'm using Storefront version and have also been able to replicate this on an out-of-the-box install. Am I missing some kind of AppConfig that would fix this? Thanks in advanced for any help!
asked May 24, 2016 in MultiStore by DDM486 (555 points)

1 Answer

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Hi there,

I'm not aware of a setting out of the box in your version.  Not sure of your volume and the number of states in which you have nexus, but yYou could enable Avatax.  The people at Avalara could help you refine your tax rules to your exact needs.

It could also be done with customization by us or another dev partner.

Hope this helps!

Trisha Ligon

Alynnlee Productions, Ltd. / Vibe Commerce: http://www.alynnlee.com
Add-ons and Connectors for AspDotNetStorefront: http://www.vibecommerce.com/add-ons/

answered Jun 27, 2016 by pligon (1,750 points)