We're using Multistore version, order id starts with 100001 in Store 1, and while importing records from another store (orderid starts with 66001). Is it better to insert new records into Multistore DB with the same order id or create a new one?
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How many records are you importing from the other store?  If you're not going to import enough to push from 66001 to 100001 and start 'overlapping' with the main order number sequence then you're not going to hurt anything.  If there's a possibility of that happening, you're going to want to either try to sync those numbers up somehow or maybe change the starting order number on store 1 to bump it way ahead.  Once all of the stores are running on the same platform (assuming that's what you're doing the import for), the software will 'share' the number sequence between all the stores and you won't run into issues down the road.

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store 1 is in production, store 2 has 5000 records nearly. The question here is, Is it better to append/insert new records(with new orderid after 150xxxx) in DB or create with old order# in store2/store3?