How can I import Credit Card Info while importing from Volusion?
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There's no built in way of doing that, but a tool could be written to do it fairly easily.  It would need to run through ADNSF code to make sure the CC's were encrypted in a way that the software would be able to read later on when needed.

How are you importing all the rest of your data?  Have you checked to make sure you're even able to get that in bulk in plain text from Volusion?
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Thanks for the reply. I managed to get the data in csv format from Volusion and mapped the fields accordingly so that we can insert data in the sql. But the two fields are encrypted CC Holders Name and Password. Is there a way to do that? I need a breakthrough.



Again, that will have to be done through custom code.  You can't get the data encrypted in a way that ADNSF will be able to read by inserting it directly into the DB.  Your developer will have to write a utility that uses the built-in encryption logic in ADNSF to get the data inserted properly.  The easiest thing would probably be to write a new admin page that reads your CSV and handles all of that.  They can look at the logic in our code where we store CC information to find the methods to run that through.