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Overcoming the inability to provide end user with other shipping providers during shipping estimate

My sales staff is looking for an way to calculate shipping costs for customers who ask for shipping estimates utilizing other shipping providers. Currently they are forced to log onto our web site and manually enter all the items that the customer has in their cart and choose a different shipping service.

My question is whether it's possible to query the database and calculate shipping costs for a customer based on what's in their cart ? I see there is a table called ShoppingCart and it has a CustomerID field in it. Would this be where i would look if I wanted to try and calculate shipping costs ?
asked Jul 15, 2016 in MultiStore by levinll (130 points)

1 Answer

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What shipping calculation method are you using?  If you're using realtime rates, that's not something that could be queried out of the DB.  Those rates are calculated by sending all the order details (origin address, destination address, weights, dimensions, etc) to the carrier so they can see what they'd really charge.

If you're using fixed rates and a table of rates you've set up in the cart software then a DB query would be possible, but it could be a tricky one to develop depending on the calculation method.
answered Jul 15, 2016 by Vortx ScottS (13,500 points)
Just spoke to the web department. We use realtime rates.

Do you have any suggestions since the system doesn't allow an end user to choose different carriers when getting a shipping estimates ?


Thanks for your help.
The shipping estimator on the front end is always going to just show the cheapest rate, regardless of carrier.  Changing that would require having a developer make some source code modifications, or customers (or CSRs) would just need to go far enough through the checkout process for all the rates to be displayed at once.

You might also look into upgrading to version 10, where the cart, shipping rate selection, payment, etc are all on one page, making it easier & faster for customers to see all the shipping rates available to them.