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Trying to display a "free shipping" message on category page

On the category page (using entity.simpleproductlist.xml.config) I'm trying to display a label for each product that offers free shipping. I've added pv.FreeShipping to the ProductVariants query and when I view the runtime xml I see the free shipping value nested under each variant.

Then I'm adding the following to display the label

  <xsl:when test="/root/ProductVariants/Variant[IsDefault=1]/FreeShipping = '1'">
    <div class="catGridFreeShippingFlag">Free Shipping</div>

The html markup isn't appearing for the products that have free shipping. Am I doing something wrong?

We're using ASPDNSF 8.

closed with the note: Found solution
asked Jul 20, 2016 in ML by Jeff_K (110 points)
closed Jul 21, 2016 by Jeff_K