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Can anyone show me how to add the variant dropdown to the v10 Products in a List XML Package?

Here is the current site with the custom entity XML package in place. Notice the variant dropdown?  They have the price in the dropdown list.

After upgrading to v10 I found this page layout, Products in a List, which almost matches what I need.
I just need to include a variant dropdown that changes the price and weight like it does on the product info page.
Here is what I have so far and it seems to work but for some reason I only get a portion of the variants needed.
asked Aug 4, 2016 in MultiStore by UserX (120 points)

Hi, @UserX.

Just to make sure I understand correctly, are you indicating that each product ("72 - [NAME]", "73 - [NAME]", "75 - [NAME]", etc.) should have a variable dropdown underneath it, when accessing http://air-tite-shop.staging.vortx.com/c-17-hypodermic.aspx ? And that the first product is the only one under which a variant dropdown appears?


(Also, this may be irrelevant to the actual solution, but - if you're versed in XML - have you taken a look at your product.variantsindropdown.xml.config to see if everything is good there?)

Yes. Not only that, but the variants that appear for the first product are not complete. It's like the 2nd query is not returning a complete list. The xslt was built in such a way that the drop down only appears if the data is in the 2nd query. The query is incomplete so no dropdowns.

I did pull some of the code from the product.variantsindropdown.xml.config, but just the layout. The query points to a single product and then lists multiple products for each variant. This seems like a huge waste because there is a lot of redundant data, but who am I to say that this is right or wrong.

Ideally, I would query all the products and then loop through each product and query all the matching variants. I can kind of get this working if I write my own query statement, but I would like to use the stored procedures to be sure I'm not missing anything.

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