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What happened to the clickable tracking link nd the clickable email link?

I have been using ASPDOTNET for years now.  This new ver 10 is missing features that older versions had.

1) In the administrator, when a customer phoned requesting information on the package tracking we used to be able to go to the order details page and click on the tracking number and "BAM" we would see the updated tracking information from the delivery company and be able to relay this into to the customer.  

Not any more.  

Now in the order detail pages, you cannot even copy the tracking number to paste it to Fedex or USPS.  ASPDOTNET has disabled right cliick on the tracking number in the administrator.  This is a huge pain in my behind and takes me longer to handle a customer.

2) In the older versions of the administrator we used to be able to click on the cusotmer's email address to open our default email program with thier email and order number prefilled in the proper spots.  

Not any more

Now we have to copy and past the email address.  This usssually works okay unles it is a long email address and part of it is missed while copying.  Again a pain in the butt.

I do not understand why aspdotnet has elected to make a lessor product.  there are four key things tat come to mind that have created issues in my business.

1) Old version had a very well working system for placing orders for customers including buttons to copy redundant information from one section of the form to another.  Now the inpersonate a customer is clumbsey and requires us to spend several more minutes typeing in redundant infomration over and over and over again.  pun intended.

2) Old version used to change colors after giving the cusotmer a refund.  Now it is dificult to spot if one member of your team has refunded an order.

3) Old  version had a link inside the order details page to instantly track a cusotmers package while on the phone with them.  New version not only left out the link but has blocked the tracking number from being copied to your browser to track the package.  We are forced to split windows and type 16didget numbers to the carriers' websites.  How convoluted is that.

4) Old version had a simple "mail to:" link built into the order details page on the administrator that allowed you to click on the link and instantly open up our email client "compose" window with the cusotmer's email address prefiilled and the subject line pre filled with "re order # xxxxxx although we are able to copy the email address we are now still required to bounce between windows to send a proper cusotmer service email to our cusotmer.  Time consuming and unnessesary.

In closing, I hope that Vortx fixes some of these items we free patches.  Considering I paid you money to "upgrade" my website and got less then what i had I am extreemly dissapointed.  You have made my life more difficult and that is not what software is supposed to do.

If anyone has simple fixes for the software that I can do, I would apprciate your help.


asked Aug 29, 2016 in MultiStore by Fuhrman (330 points)

2 Answers

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During the update refesh of the admin on 9.5 on the mail to link was removed. If you are confortable editing .aspx and aspx.cs pages and can compile (due to being version 10 you need to compile due to the application type) you can readd the mail to link on the order screen. It would be editing \Web\Admin\order.aspx and \Web\Admin\order.aspx.cs in this case.

The other issues listed would be a slimliar deal also from what see. Does that help?
answered Sep 1, 2016 by mmcgeachy (5,045 points)
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I am right there with you on every one of these issues.  We have been on ASPDNSF since 2008 and I agree that some key functionality is missing with V10.

On the tracking link issue - if you click on 'View Orders' - the link on that page is active and you should be able to easily track from that page.  We stumbled on that one.

Also, the email is active from the manage orders page.  Just close the Order Detail link and use the email link on the View/Manage orders page.

I have several other issues submitted at this time regarding the 'Send to FedEx' button and PayPal Express.  I have also requested patches, but looks like I may have to wait for a future release.  sad

I would be happy to exchange information with other V10 users so we can find fixes and work arounds to some of these issues while we wait for future releases.

P.S. I am NOT a fan of the dashboard on V10 - I miss my Admin home page with daily, MTD, YTD and All Time statistics - basically, the dashboard is useless. angry

Penny Patterson


answered Sep 12, 2016 by pennypatt (505 points)