We just upgraded to V10.  We were using PayPal Standard in 9.4.2 which is not an option in V10.

With PayPal Express the customer can make changes to the shipping information in PayPal.  When he/she does that PayPal changes both the billing and shipping addresses in ASPDNSF.  It also clears out the phone number and business name because those fields are not included in the PayPal shipping address.

This weekend we had a customer change his shipping address to the Cayman Islands - we don't ship to the Cayman Islands.  When he set up the account, he was originally shipping to an address in Florida.  When he selected PayPal Express, he was able to make the change to the Cayman Island address.  There is no block or restrictions on what is being passed back to ASPDNSF.

I have support ticket in for this issue, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and is there a resolution or work around out there?


Penny Patterson

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I "think" you can require the customer to set up an account on your site and not allow paypal to change it but remember PayPal express Checkout  is the most robust fraud prevention around.  Maybe you should change your settings in PayPal  disallowing the Cayment Islands.  Also depending on the customers' PayPal settings you can log onto PayPal and sometimes get the customers phone number even though the API doesnt pass it to your data base.

I hope this helps.
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