Aspdnsf version I am new to MVC and Aspdnsf.

I have a custom form(.aspx) and control(.ascx) which validates and works well. I would like this form to be used in a modal window or a sidebar slide out form to use only on certain topic pages.

Is there a token to reference this in a topic page like I can do with XML packages (!XmlPackage Name="packageName"!)?

If not is the best method to create the form within the topic using my ascx file as the form action to validate the user entries? an XMlPackage?

Is there a recommended best practice?
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There's no token for that.  Putting the form in the topic body will be tricky, because nesting form tokens in master pages messes a lot of things up.  The best bet's probably going to be a link that opens that page in a modal window.  You can use skin switching and a mostly-empty template to load that page without other content if you want, so that it's not a full copy of the whole site in the modal.

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