We need to "enhance" the original search results page with some "extended" information that we have in a few custom tables. The idea is to use the productids returned by aspdnsf_GetProducts to join to our tables.

To do this I thought to run a for-each loop into the page.search.xml.config and concatenate the productids altogether. Then I'll use javascript to call a custom aspx script that runs my store procedure passing the concatenated string as parameter. Finally I will run a custom xml.config to render the client results.

My question is: am I overcomplicating it? There is a more simple way of doing it? Or the approach seems to be fine?

Of course the ideal scenario would be to include the call to my custom stored procedure in the header of the page.search.xml.config along with the other existent queries, but I am not sure if this is possible since the necessary parameters will come from the aspdnsf_GetProducts sp that runs basically at the same time... I am almost sure that it is not possible but decided to ask.

I hope that it all makes sense...
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Why not just edit the sp aspdnsf_GetProducts to join to your tables and return all the results in one hit. You do seem to be over-complicating it.
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Sometimes we just need that someone else just show us that we are not managing to look out of the box!


Perfect! Just neeeded to add 2 lines of code joining two of our custom tables! Thank you!


PS: I am not a big fan of make changes in the original SF stored procedures but in this case it was really the best approach!