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How can a customer bypass the shipping charge on check out

I have a customer to whom I do not want to charge shipping. On check out they are asked to choose but free shipping isn't one of the choices. This is one time occurence to I do not want to reset the shipping table.
asked Oct 24, 2016 in MultiStore by ragtimephil (160 points)
We have a customer level set up for free shipping.  We get customers who want to add to their orders and we waive the shipping charge if the add on order is below the free shipping threshold and we can ship bother orders together.

We just change their customer's level to free shipping and enter the add on order.  Once the order goes through we change them back.

Coupons work too, but since we do it on a fairly regular basis - customer level is quicker and easier.

1 Answer

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Set up a coupon for him. You can set it to the customer and restrict the number of uses as well.
answered Oct 24, 2016 by seasonalsin (255 points)