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XMLPackages postprocessing not working

At the bottom of script.bodyclose.xml.config we have:


            UPDATE Customer SET ExtensionData=@agent WHERE CustomerID=@CustID AND @CustID > 0;
      <queryparam paramname="@CustID" paramtype="xpath" requestparamname="/root/System/CustomerID" sqlDataType="int" defvalue="0" validationpattern="" />
      <queryparam paramname="@agent" paramtype="xpath" requestparamname="/root/ServerVariables/HTTP_USER_AGENT" sqlDataType="varchar" defvalue="" validationpattern="" />

This worked in v9.5, but in v10 we get 

ExecuteNonQuery: CommandText property has not been initialized

And the problem seems to be in core >xmlpackages.cs line 1214 where "var sql = node.sql as string;" returns null rather than the actual sql from the package.

Does this work correctly for anyone else?

asked Nov 17, 2016 in MultiStore by esedirect (415 points)

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