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V10 micro sites file structure


I was just curious to whether anyone is familiar with the aspdotnetstorefront V10 file structure and how it works with micro sites. Me and my team have recently started trialing micro sites with aspdotnetstorefront and have just been given access to the file structure via FTP. We have been looking around to see how the micro sites are handled in the file structure but we cannot see any mention of website IDs or anything that might suggest that micro sites are involved.

Could anyone give any guidance as to how this works?



asked Dec 15, 2016 in MultiStore by NickWLS (120 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Nick, by microsites, do you mean the whole MultiStore ability of the cart?

You can see part of it in the Store DB table, but not sure what you are after exactly?

Thank you,

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answered Dec 15, 2016 by jsimacek (6,805 points)
Hi Jan,

Yes, multistore but nothing to do with the cart, I am strictly talking about the file structure on the website that is hosting the micro-sites.

I appreciate that I'm being a little vague about this but im struggling to think of a good example. I've jotted down some of my concerns to try and convey what I'm after.

Does each micro-site have it's own area in the file structure?

How does each micro site interact with the hosting website?

If I wanted to change the styling of a micro site, would I edit the classes/IDs in style.css or add classes/IDs to style.css or does each micro site have its own css files? This is the sort of thing im asking but on a wider scale. Does XML work like this? Does the web config and master templates work like this? how can we target micro sites via the file structure?

I hope this makes sense.


Hi Nick,
All of your sites run off of a single fileset.  The majority of MultiStore functionality comes out of code & data in the database, like Jan said.
What you're going to want to do is set your extra store(s) to use a different skin than the main store.  You can do that through the Manage Stores page in the admin console.  Just make a copy of the files for the skin you want to start from (same folder structure, just name the skin something else) and then assign your MoreStore to use that new skin.  Then any CSS, XmlPackages, etc that you change in that new skin will only affect the store(s) using it.
Keep in mind that you can make copies of any {root}/XmlPackages file in the new skin's XmlPackages folder, and then modify those.  The software will always use the skin-specific copy of an XmlPackage before the root one, so you can vary packages by store that way.