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Stuck waiting for timeout when web query remote source doesn't respond.

I have an xml-package that is using a web query to read in a feed of content from a remote source. I call it in the page default xml-package. I have a condition that checks if any xml exists and if doesn't it displays a message instead. I thought this would be sufficient to handle when the remote source is down but the problem I noticed the other day was when the remote server actaully was down the entire default page wouldn't load until, what Im guessing is the case, the request to the remote server timed out, which was very long. Is there a way to set a shorter timeout?  or maybe delay calling that particualr pacakage (with javascript or something?) until everthing else has loaded? I wonder if there is preferred way to do it?

asked Dec 30, 2016 in MultiStore by Mden (310 points)

1 Answer

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the timeout parameter sets the timeout of a webquery in a xmlpackage. The defualt could be as long as 30 secounds in version 10 if left blank.
answered Jan 4, 2017 by mmcgeachy (5,025 points)

Thanks. that appears to do the trick.

<webquery name="WebData1" RetType="xml" timeout="2" >