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Experiencing Slow Page Loads after upgrading to V10

We just finished upgrading to V10 and I'm experiencing some seriously slow page loads. We're talking ~5-7 seconds before the page loads. It's especially bad on the Shoppingcart page. It takes close to 10 seconds to register the shipping method that was selected. This delay is causing major headaches with my customers with the long time it takes to complete an order.

Here's a webpagetest.org test result showing the long time to first byte - https://www.webpagetest.org/result/170127_ZD_14T7/

One of the recommendations was I have some javascript that's blocking the rendering. However, the javascript file causing this is the jquery file. If I async or defer the jquery file then some of the website functionality breaks. Specifically, the ability to select a different address on the checkout screen.

Any help or ideas are appreciated.

asked Jan 27, 2017 in MultiStore by Potzi (380 points)
The example given looks to of improved now. What was the issue? I had a few guesses but nothing I could put my finger on without looking under the hood so to speak.
The speed improved once I moved the site from Web Server 2008 R2 to Web Server 2014. I'm still not getting ideal speeds on my shopping cart page but that may be due to the customizations my site has.

1 Answer

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Hello, did you run the Monthly Maintenance yet? I would try that first... (might be just old data etc and indexes)

Thank you,

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answered Jan 27, 2017 by jsimacek (6,885 points)
Yes monthly maintenance has been run a couple of times now.