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How do I redirect a micro site to target the correct CSS?


I am using AspDotNetStorefront to work on some micro sites (wls1, wls2, wls3) where I wish to pull different CSS into each front-end. I have duplicated the Skin_1 (added Skin_2 and Skin_3) folder, renamed the folder and assigned a store to the correct skin (wls1 to Skin_1, wls2 to Skin_2, etc.). However, the CSS changes I make are not being recognised.

Please note: Our server address is something along the lines of wls1.staging - we do not have an address of wls2.staging or wl3.staging. All of the skins are under wls1.staging.

When I inspect element on the micro sites, I see the CSS files are being pulled in from the following:

wls1 - wls1.staging/Skin_3

wls2 - wls2.staging/Skin_3

wls3 - wls3.staging/Skin_3

Should each of these be pulling from wls1.staging as this is the address of the server?

They are all pulling from the Skin_3 folder, even though they are assigned to the correct skins in the back-end, how do I redirect this?

I have had a play with the SkinInfo files and have changed the Skin version, SkinID, Display name and the Description to find no change. I have also ensured that each micro site has different SkinInfo folders.

There was one time where I saw some CSS pull into a micro site but i'm unaware of what made it work as it did not happen again, even when running the same tests.

Could I have some additional guidance to what is in the manual on how to make a micro site target the correct files and CSS please?

I hope this makes sense. If something isn't clear, please ask away.

Kind Regards,


asked Feb 2, 2017 in MultiStore by NickWLS (120 points)

1 Answer

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The stores should be assigned their own url, and each store should be assigned its own skin, then when you load the page the site picks up on the store url to determine which skin to load.

Depending on your version of ADNSF, you can also assign a particular skin by putting the skinid in the query string, e.g. foo.com/?SkinID=2.

If all the stores have the same url it depends on what order you've added the stores as to which skin is being hit.  I believe it steps through the stores and either takes the first url that matches or the last.  I'm guessing based on what you've said that the last store is assigned skin 3 and all stores are assigned wls1.staging.

Hope that helps.
answered Feb 15, 2017 by Vortx-Duncan (780 points)
Hi Duncan,

Thank you for the response.

Would you be able to describe where I can change the path that each micro site is looking at? so if micro site 3 is looking at wls2.staging.Skin_3, how do I change it to look at wls1.staging.Skin_3. The FTP we have access to uses wls1.staging and the micro sites are looking at wls2.staging and wls3.staging to pick up the CSS.

I hope this makes sense.

It sounds like you'll need to set up separate url's for each store.

If you're setting up multiple stores on one installation of ADNSF then you'll need to use the "MoreStore" functionality.

The only path you can set up with MoreStores is which skin each store URL is assigned.

Please take a look at this setup guide http://help.aspdotnetstorefront.com/manual/951/default.aspx?pageid=adding_a_morestore

It's for version 9.5.1 but it's got a decent overview.

It sounds like you may need to check with your hosting provider to set up some subdomains for your site, like http://ws1.yourstorename.com and http://ws2.yourstorename.com, etc.