It seems that everything is pointing us to using a non 0 customerlevel for retail customers but sale prices don't work in this model. Is the  best solution to populate sale prices for customers that have not logged in and extended prices for retail customers that have logged in?


Version 10.0.2
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Typically you want to keep retail and no level (0) so that you have the ability to use Price and Sale Price and Quantity Discounts as needed. Then, the Customer Levels only have the Price, Quantity Discounts (on/off setting) and Extended Pricing. So if you must use Extended Pricing and need a non Price, you will have to use Extended Pricing yes.

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Thanks Jan!


I would prefer to use level 0 as retail but the promotion engine in Aspdnsf doesn't allow for the selection of customerlevel 0 for the assignment of promotion codes. Do you know of a way around that?
Aha, so are you trying to restrict the Promotion usage to only the base/no Customer Level. DO you need other Promotions to still work with the setup Customer LEvels or are you trying to make sure that none of your Promotions work with Customer Levels? The Customer LEvel does have a setting to disallow Promos which you could use?
We'd like the ability to allow non 0 customer levels to use coupons that level 0 customers cannot use. The problem is that I can't select customerlevel 0 in the promotion setup. Although it appears we can change the admin panel to allow 0 to be selected. Do you know of any issues with that?

Hmm, well remember there is no Customer Level of ID 0 ... so it isn't lining up. But if you want the Promos to be used by Customer Level users only, and not retail/non-customer-level, then you can use the Enable Customer Level Requirement which should allow for this...

Ok thanks Jan. I guess there are three basic scenarios we're trying to address. We would ike to have promoitons work for the following conditions:

1. Customer level 0 only - non level 0 customers would not be able to use it

2. Specific customer levels which include level 0.

3. Specific customer levels which do not include level 0.

Have you tried changing the admin panel to allow for the selection of level 0 so that it appears in the XML in the field Promtions.PromotionRuleData?
Now I ability to exclude Customer Levels from Promotions and also scenarios to include Customer LEvels in Promos but exclude no Customer Level customers... so that would be custom.

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