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Intranet - VPN - internet DNS resolution for testing environments

I have a development environment that could use a better solution to the problem of developer code, versus staging code, versus production code. The general software development issues are compounded because multistore behavior is tied to qualified domain names for each storefront. The resolusion of the name binds the skin and extended framework of the page structure and the XML package expression in the use of the indvidual store front.

So, when a team of developers have to hack their OS to reflect the names during development it is a problem. When staging then has to allow teams of developers to test and debug stores before they are put into production it is a further problem. And when staging code is migrated to production it is a problem.

I have in the past used the very long url fix dev.aspdotnetstorefront.somedomain.authority however the typing of this in a phone browser is slit your wrist stupid hard.

Here is the proposed solution... and can anyone tell me if this works.

Purchase morestore names. test#.somedomain.authority and map the staging and dev site to FQDNs that can reside in the intranet DNS server to shortcut routing and testing.

I may have missed a memo or paper on how to do this without this much pain. And if so, I would be very happy to be pointed to what I have missed to make this scalable in a multi-network multi-developer shop.

Thank you
asked Mar 29, 2017 in MultiStore by Shellback55b (120 points)

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