We have always used GoDaddy for managing our email.  However, recently we have been exceeding our limit of relay emails.  When this happens, GoDaddy locks the account for 24 hours.  

What email management systems are other ASPDNSF customers using?  Is anyone using Microsoft Exchange Email and if so how is it working for you?

Any other recommendations?

Thank in advance.

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I'm not sure if it is pertinent to your specific need, but this article may help there:

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We hosted MS Exchange internally for years but the cost of ownership became too great with so many good third party alternatives available for short money.  Not to mention the need for a third party spam solution.  I choose Gmail at $5.00 per mail box per month with their spam filters.  I have been using it for three yeas and I shut doen our exchange server two years ago.  The only issue I have with Gmail is it's a litte time consumming to delete old emails but it is easy to do.  It is also a whole lot easier to connect peripherals ike phones, workstations ect. to G-mail compaired to what is required to use Exchange for thosae connections.
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Thank you for this information.  I basically do the same thing with GoDaddy but recently we have been having issues with the SMTP relays.  GoDaddy beleives it is an issue with our website or hosting provider (ASPDNSF).  They cannot tell me how or why the SMTP relays keep randomly spiking.

Do you have any issues with GMail regarding sending emails such as order confirmations and shipping confirmations through ASPDNSF?

I assume that you can use your domain with GMail.

We have not gone live with our ASPDNSF site but I have tested orders and emails with no issues.  I tend to agree with GoDaddy that the Hosting provider would be the first place I would look.  There are a number of e-mail tracking programs out there and that would be a good starting point.

There is no issue using our domain with Gmail