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Can I make additional information appear in the admin order notification email?

Running version 9.5.1

I'm desparately trying to get information from aspdotnetstorefront into our email marketing software and am trying to work with a developer to make it happen.  The cheapest option (and likely the only option we'll be able to afford) is if we can pull information from admin order notification emails.  There are two problems:

First, there are two different types of notification emails - the standard ecommerce order notification email and the rental notification email (specific to what we do relating to our POS software, AIMsi by Tri-Technical Systems, Inc.).  We need both emails to give us specific information.

Second, neither notification email gives us what we need.

The Ecommerce New Order notification email contains:

  • Order Number
  • Order Total
  • Order Date
  • Payment Method
  • Shipping Method
  • Customer ID

In addition, we would like to have:

  • Product(s) Ordered
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer Email Address

The New Rental Notification Email contains:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Phone Number

In addtion, we would like it to have:

  • Instrument Rented
  • Customer School District

Is this possible for a novice like me to make this happen?

If not, are there suggestions on how we could get this information instantly out of ASPDNSF into ActiveCampaign? Thanks!

asked Apr 18, 2017 in MultiStore by kincaidsmusic (110 points)

2 Answers

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It's certainly possible to add more info to notification emails, but it's going to take someone familiar with XML/XSLT and SQL to do so.

Another option would be to create a custom report with the information you need, which can be exported as a CSV.  There might be a way to import that into ActiveCampaign, you'd have to check with them.  That will also require someone familiar with SQL though, to write the report for you.

If they can't use CSVs, you could also use WSI to extract whatever information you need and put it into a format they can accept, but that's by far the most complex option, and would require a developer.

answered Apr 18, 2017 by Vortx ScottS (13,500 points)
Is there a way to add a BCC to the email sent to the customer that already has a lot of that information in it?  If we could send a copy of it to ourselves, that would help accomplish the same thing.
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for the oder emails if you are mainly wanting to add receipt information to notification.adminneworder.xml.config.

The adding the xlst code below to should add that information

<xsl:value-of select="aspdnsf:XmlPackage('notification.receipt.xml.config',concat('OrderNumber=', OrderNumber, '&CustomerID=', CustomerID))" disable-output-escaping="yes" />

The other tweaks sounds possible to do also but someone that has made or customized xmlpackages would be who to look for if you don't feel comfortable doing so yourself. That is assuming that the rental notification uses an xmlpackage to build the content of the email.

Hope that helps.

answered Apr 20, 2017 by mmcgeachy (4,140 points)