I am upgrading a skin from version 8.14 to 9.4 and for some reason I am getting extra spacing between the text of my category and the products. Using firebug I see an extra DIV but can't figure out where it is coming from. The test site is at


Any help will be greatly appreciated

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That appears to be the div enclosing the PagingControl. Have a look inside your xml package (entity.grid.xml.config), and search for aspdnsf:PagingControl. It should appear twice in the xml package. As a test, you can try commenting out the div enclosing this PagingControl.

A peremant solution might be to add an xslt if condition around that div, so that it only generates the div + PagingControl when there is more than one page of results.

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when issues like this start happening I tend to look at the html valadation. Since you gave a working link I did look at the html valadation. You have a form tag within a form tag in your master page. Which may be why some tags are being detected as unclosded. Therefore try fixing the form issue 1st and then see if you still have unclosed tags. Hope that helps.
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