How would one go about integrating a standalone mvc site and ASPDNSF.

So say you have, but the storefront is installed under We have source code. Basically wanting to use the _Layout partial view from /store/skins/your_skin/views/shared/_Layout on the standlone mvc site.

Thanks in advance.
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While I would highly suggest having a test inviroment just. Having each app run on the same domain with one in a folder is theoryreictly possible. However this has a high chance of creating conflicts in each web.config at least. With possible version issues in the bin folders also.

Having them share the same layout file is a bit more of a issue. Given what custumizations there are to skinking, tokens and functions in ASPDNSF skins I don't see working well without major tweaking and testing. It somewhat depends on what the other MVC application does for skinking and how much custumizations it needed. But with source you may be able to work through those issues it is hard to so without knowing the other MVC applications.

Hope that helps.
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It is pretty basic mvc application, not using any models, just pretty much all static content.