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MSx9.5.1 Advice on Newsletter equivalent?

Hi all!

My boss would like a newsletter subscription form added to the footer of our site (9.5.0 live, 9.5.1 staging --we've had a re-skin/ module-implementation/ all-around-update in the works for over a year now.) Since Mailing Manager and Newsletter were among the features removed in 9.5, what's everyone else doing instead? MailChimp? Proprietary form to quick-add "subscribers" to customer db? Using a different form of customer contact? If there is still a good, simple way to allow customers to sign up to a mailing list, I'd love to hear it. If that's officially a bad way to go from a marketing standpoint, give me an argument to convince my boss why we should do something else.


asked May 5, 2017 in MultiStore by imbrognaphoto (260 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Bill-

we typically install third party signup scripts or extensions to our MailChimp plugin...

Do you use MailChimp? If so, this would be best: http://www.ecommercecartmods.com/p-98-mailchimp-email-marketing-integration.aspx  (if you choose the Installation option, we can install our extension to our MailChimp plugin too!)

Thank you,

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answered May 8, 2017 by jsimacek (6,805 points)
Thanks, Jan! Actually, we're using Constant Contact. Since my original post, I found a simple form from another user that uses Javascript to call the Constant Contact API, and should add the requested contact info to our contact list without leaving our site. I'm currently having two problems that I know of:

1) The contact info that is input into the form isn't actually posting to our contact list.

2) The form (not the script, but the actual set of input fields) is causing an issue with our login form. When I try to submit the login form, it appears to be looking at the empty required fields in the contact form, and not submitting.

The contact form is almost exactly the "jQuery Signup Form" from the CC techblog: http://techblog.constantcontact.com/api/release-updates/announcing-a-new-signup-form-post-url/

Apparently, "things I don't know how to do" includes form validation. What should I look for to ensure my login form is isolated from my CC form, and vice versa? The CC form id is explicitly stated in its processor script; what else?