Doesn't anyone know how to create a promotional coupon in the and excludes on-sale products?

It was possible in version but we cannot find it in the new version.  It must be somewhere but I just cannot find it.

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With the Vibe Add On this is possible, but out of the box I think this option is no longer available.
There is a thread on the archive forum


Search for the word "Exclude" its about half way down. But it looks like the archived forum is not working anymore as I just see a 404 error page

In version 9 or higher, promotion feature is quite different from the coupon in version 8. In order to create a promotion which exculde all on-sale products (which have sale price), it requires a little coding changes.


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The only way to do this in 9.X is to custom code it, it can be done but you Need to know how to use LINQ or work with a developer that is familiar with this. Also make sure you are on 9.3 becuase the promotions engine is very different form earlier versions  9.1/9.2


We did this modfication for they have coupons codes that don't work on anything in the sales category/clearance.


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