I am trying to edit the featured products on my home page.  I am completely new to this version (10).  The last version I had, I could just download the .aspx page, edit it in dreamweaver and upload it back to the site.  I found the page home-featured-products in my admin but there doesn't seem to be any code for me to change.  If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.


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What exactly are you wanting to edit? Do you have a site URL we could see for example?

Note that there are two kinds of Featured Products: The built-in version:


and the XML package drive version only available with the Responsive Template add-ons.
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My web site is www.DebandCo.com. They are not really featured products but featured categories that were on my original web site.   I am trying to change some of the them under the main banner on the home page and re-arange some of them.  So far the only thing I have found that I can do is change the image.  Thanks for your help.
You have one of our responsive skins, so this manual is where you want to get your info for the skin management:


In this case, the Featured Entities article is the one you want.

You will simply edit the Topic: 0-home-featured-entities as you wish :-)
Hello Eric,

Thank you for your help.  I was able to edit the categories, however, When I look for the category Id and enter it, in some instances the wrong category is being displayed even though it has a different  category ID#