When I use the WYSIWYG editor, switch to HTML mode, and type in my own HTML, such as a line break <br>, when I switch back to Visual mode, it doubles the tags.  When I click back to HTML and then back to visual, the BR tags have quadrupled.

It's impossible to get the exact layout I want due to this bug...

how to fix?
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The 3rd-party component we use for that editor has a lot of little annoyances like that, unfortunately.  A lot of them vary by browser, so you might try it in another browser.  Also if you're familiar enough with HTML that you're editing it directly, you could just turn off the editor entirely with the 'TurnOffHtmlEditorInAdminSite' AppConfig.

We'll likely switch to another editor in the future, but when we've looked into other options in the past it's been tough to find one that didn't have its own share of idiosyncrasies or weird licensing.
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I have the same problem with version 10.0.02. Maybe Vortx could take editor from the previous versions that worked just fine and put them back into version 10.