Our store's putting together a promotion next month in which customers get a free t-shirt when they spend at least $40 on clothes from a specific manufacturer. Setting up the promotion works fine except for fact customers can't specify what shirt size they want since the "gift with purchase" option under Promotions selects the default variant with no ability to change it.

Is there any way around this? In the past, we've had customers type which option they want in the order notes, but there's so much room for human error with that method. If there was a way to add a required dropdown menu to orders applying to this promotion, it would help immensely, but I'm not sure which file(s) I would add/edit to make this happen.

Virtually every "free gift" promotion we do involves a product with variants of some kind (size, color, etc); so, it'd be nice if there was some way to streamline this process.
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