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Redirect on login based on customer level

I would like to be able to redirect customers that belong to a specific customer level to a particular page.
I am able to set up the redirect in the Account Controller but I can't seem to get the users CustomerLevelID,
I have the code for it but signedInCustomer.CustomerLevelID = 0 no matter what.   Before I continue spending more time on this I am wondering if anyone has any insight or another approach.   Thanks

v 10.0.06
asked Oct 23, 2017 in MultiStore by Joshua (215 points)

1 Answer

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In AccountController.SignIn (the POST one), 'signedInCustomer' is the current (usually anonymous) customer account.  'targetCustomer' is the one they're trying to sign in as, which will be the registered account that should have the customer level on it.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by Vortx ScottS (13,500 points)
selected Oct 23, 2017 by Joshua
Perfect, Thanks!