Greetings fellow ASPDNSF users,

My company has been experiencing a potential "bug" for awhile now that we're hoping for some direction on resolving. Forgive me in that I am new to the ASPDNSF environment, and the original developer/implementor is no longer with our company.

The problem, in a nutshell, is periodically (in this case, defined as ~5 times in the last year) we're alerted by a customer that the order they placed, they did not receive. After digging into this a bit, we find that the order was never logged to the database as an order, and subsequently never makes it to the orders page for distribution to fulfill. However, the customer is provided a receipt e-mail with an order #.

I've reviewed the logs for the DB server, as well as the IIS server and there are no flags suggesting a service went down at the times of order. Anyone care to share an idea of where to start tracking this down?

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In the "out of the box" software, sending the receipt email is pretty much the last thing that happens during order processing.  There would have to be an order record in the DB for that to have happened, as the receipt email is generated by looking up that order record and getting the necessary info out of it.

If the software made it that far and the customer got the receipt but you're not seeing an order, something happened after the fact.  The place to start would be diffing the code your site is running against "stock" code of the same version, to see what changes were made by the previous developer.
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