we are using PayJunction as our gateway. For the large majority of our transactions we want the transactionmode set to AuthCapture. But for the few large ticket items we sell, we would prefer to only authorize the transaction until we verify the purchase. 

I have tried modifying gateway.cs in the gateways.dll at the top of the MakeOrder function:

            if (OrderTotal > 1000)
                TransactionMode = "AUTH";
But so far, nothing changes, all transactions are set to AuthCapture.
Can this be achieved via soure code while leaving the TransactionMode appconfig set to AuthCapture?
Thank you for any light you can shed on this matter.
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All kinds of order state is changed throughout the course of the Gateway.MakeOrder method, and even a little bit afterwards when customers hit the order confirmation page.  A one-liner at the top of that method isn't going to catch all the cases where an order can be set to captured.  You'll have to debug through to find where it's happening in your case (that'll vary based on site config, gateway, etc) and put in your extra check there.  Keep in mind that there can be multiple places, order processing is complicated.
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ok, kind of what I figured. I was hoping it was going to be easy but I will dive down into the details and get this figured out. Thank you.
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Let me know if you would like this source code modification done/quoted?  jsimacek @ compunix.us

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