Elavon payment processing has some very strict requirements for our new website.  I have yet to find another site out there using these standards.  Not sure if they are just very picky or if it is because I am going thru Costco/Elavon thus getting better rates and they are pickier.  My brick and mortar is thru the Costco program so trying to stay with only one processing company if possible.

Has anyone else delt with this and how?

This is in part the answer I have been given numerous times and the picture they sent me with the said requirements.  If this is indeed a Visa MasterCard policy than all merchant processors should be using the same criteria.  So why has a big company like Vortx not dealt with this before?

Elavon’s response:  With a pictorial of what they are wanting below it.

The refund policy must be in the series of pages to checkout or as an acceptance at checkout - it cannot be a clickable link

This is one of the new requirements per Visa MasterCard compliance regulations in July of 2017




Thanks in advance for any help.




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That is an actual VISA requirement, though it's almost never followed as far as I've seen, and it's weird that a payment gateway would be trying to enforce it.

That requirement is in this doc from VISA.

As for "why we haven't dealt with it", I would recommend checking out the 'RequireTermsAndConditionsAtCheckout' setting.  If you set that to true and then put the full text of your return policy in the 'CheckoutTermsAndConditions' topic, you should be meeting those requirements.  If your return policy is like most companies' though (hundreds of words long or more), you'll see why that isn't enabled by default and why very few sites ever turn it on.  Since gateways generally don't enforce those rules and no one wants a wall of text in their checkout process, that's usually left disabled.

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