We are about to upgrade from to 10.0.2 version. All of our earlier upgrades were made manually but lately someone mentioned the existence of a certain 'upgrade machine' but not really explained exactly what it is or how it works.

Anyway, our website runs in our proprietary internal server (no hosting service). Questions are:

1) This 'upgrade machine' will work on a non-Vortx hosted website?

2) Is this something that we can run by ourselves or it will depend on the labor of someone from Vortx?

3) The usage of it is included in the lifetime license or it has to be paid separately?

4) The job made for this 'upgrade machine' is secure and reliable or it still leaves lose ends that have to be fixed manually?

I would really appreciate if someone could throw some light over this matter... Thank you!
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Hello Yan,

I believe the upgrade machine you are referring to is the preFIX service offered by AspDotNetStorefront, which is a SaaS version of the software that is always up to date. Part of the preFIX offering is a one-time onboarding to your new mobile-friendly store.

The onboarding service is run by Vortx and works on non-Vortx hosted websites but requires your site to be publicly accessible. The service is secure and reliable and there is no lose ends that have to be manually fixed. The service provides you with a new responsive look and feel that requires customization to keep the look and feel of your existing site.

Below is a link to the preFIX service provided by Vortx,



I hope this information helps,


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Thank you very much. I have sorted it out with Jo.