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Is 'product.smallpart.xml.config' package part of MS 10? Or not?

We are in the process of upgrade from version 9.4 to 10. The site is 90% working and I am now in the 10% of the house keeping. We don't use Vortx templates 
Currently in our production site (MS 9.4) we use a package called 'product.smallpart.xml.config' to show our products. We just pass the product code along with its description and automatically the referred package is loaded. The link is similar to: p-1379674-my-product-description.aspx
However I noticed that this package does NOT exist in the MS 10. Now I can't remember if this package used to come with MS or if it is a third-party add-on that my boss may have bought. But since I can remember (and I work for the company for 12 years) it always was there.
Anyway, what I did was to copy the package to the MS 10 XMLPackages folder and it just worked fine.
My questions are:
1) Did 'product.smallpart.xml.config' use to be part of MultiStore?
2) Why I didn't find it in MS 10? Is this deprecated?
3) If yes, what package should I use instead?
asked Sep 15, 2018 in MultiStore by Yan Kleber (1,245 points)

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Hi Yan,

1) I searched our versions back to v7.0 and couldn't find this package, so it looks like it was never a part of adnsf.

2) See #1

3) It sounds like it's working ok for you so I'd continue to use it.  We aimed to have good xml package compatibility in v10.x so this is good to hear. This sounds like a custom xml package and I'm not aware of any out-of-the-box packages that have that functionality.


answered Sep 17, 2018 by Vortx-Duncan (780 points)
selected Sep 17, 2018 by Yan Kleber
Thank you Duncan, I suspected that! There is so many time since our last upgrade that I couldn't remember but revising some of my old emails I found a reference to it.