I want to use real-time UPS shipping rates but I want to add 10% to the rate.

How do I do that?



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AppConfig/Setting: RTShipping.MarkupPercent

If you ever need to mark it DOWN, you have to change the Value Type (in the Advanced Settings for the AppConfig) to String (it won't hurt anything). Then you can enter negative numbers.
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If you just want a strait percent markup and only use UPS for real time rates it is just a matter of setting the appconfig of RTShipping.MarkupPercent to 10.

If you use more than just USP for real time shipping (and don't want to markup the rates) or want to use gross profit percent formula you will need to customize the source code. Mostly modifying \ASPDNSFCore\ShippingCalculation\UseRealTimeRatesShippingCalculation.cs and/or \ASPDNSFCore\RTShipping.cs depending on your scope.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks all. I have it set.

Another question, is it possible to use real time rates for shipments within the United States but a differen shipping method for Canadian orders?
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Unfortunately this isn't currently supported :(

If you want to use real time rates and ship internationally, you will need to use a carrier that supports international shipments