I have in my _layout.cshtml file the following:

<span id="userName">

And everything it does is to show up "UserName" on screen.

Also, I have this:
<span id="loginText"><a href='<asp:Literal ID="Literal1" Text="<%$ Tokens:SignInOut_Link %>" />'>

And everything it does is to show up "SignInOut_Text" on screen and try to go to <asp:Literal ID="Literal1" Text="<%$ Tokens:SignInOut_Link %> when I click it.

What am I doing wrong?
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the login links now use @Html.Action(ActionNames.Index, ControllerNames.UserLinks) to show login link information.

Anything that has a asp: tag will most likely not work with your mvc views. Since MVC doesn't uses controls like this.

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mmcgeachy, thank you very much!

I totally goofed with it. I was chasing my own tail. Happens that I revisited the original _layout.cshtml file (I kept an untouched copy of it before to start messing around) and then I noticed my big stupidity. And now I confirmed that after to see your response.

My links are now working but for some reason I don't know the system is not retrieving the proper texts for the labels and so. Any clue of what am I missing here?

Screen snapshot is at:



Have you ran string resource import recently. Given the screen shot it leads me to think there are new strings for version 10 you don't have values for. Which importing the string resource file/s helps take care of that issue. Keeping in mind that a clearing of cache may be needed for the string resource values to fully updated.