Our site cauculates tax with zip code. Address input is limited by 5 digits number. So, tax would calculated with ZipTaxRate table whcih has 5 digits zip code.

But PayPal incoming address is used for PayPal payers and which is zipcode +4. ASPDNSF can not prevend PayPal zipcode +4 digits and that causes not to collect  tax because zipcode +4 does not match with ZipTtaxRate table's zipcode.


Vortx Tech support advised me to post this forum to get best solution for it. He mentioned about putting triggers to restrict zip code length. But I am not sure which table I should put and I do not have test environment for testing it.

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If you are using builtin zip tax rate feature and have source you can modify the code to handle this. The 1st option is if you only ship the US then check the length of the zipecode before the loop and make zipcode value substring . If you do ship to other countires then add check by countryid is if the country is the us and then make the zipcode value a substring.

The basics of the if statment that just logic for the length would be

if (ZipCode.Length > 5)
	ZipCode = ZipCode.Substring(0, 5);
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Hi, mmcgeachy,


Thank you for the reply, but unfortunatelly, we do not own source.

Anything else we can do at outside of source?
For version 10+ without source the only option I can think of is to add tax rates for that include the last 4 digits of the zipcode.

Hello, we as development partners could do the modification in source code for you... as this was some time ago, you have probably found a way around it?

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