I've added navigation to news articles, since there's nothing built in to get people from one article to another (assuming you have ShowFullNewsArticle set to false). I created a menu as its own topic and have it appearing with each news article (using div tags to make the menu col-sm-3 and the article col-sm-9), but the problem is the menu appears between the news headline and the news article when the page size is reduced. How do I make the menu appear above the news headline? Do I need to do something in the View cshtml file, and if so, what specifically? Also, is there a way to "insert" the navigation globally on news articles so that I don't have to reference the topic in each news article itself?
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Are you just wanting to repeast the news list from the home page on to show the news detail page? If so just be adding a @Html.Action(ActionNames.List, ControllerNames.News) to the Detail.cshtml view in the news view folder whould do that.

If you trying to next new atricle type of thing then topics in the new description is probaly your best bet wihout doing custom code. If you want to do custom code I would suggest adding matter of adding a new int collum to the news table to referance what the next article would be. Then ediing the news controller and model to referance the newly added collum.

Hope that at least helps.
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