How do I make my phone number in to a smart phone clickable link?  I know how to change the phone number on my site but I dont know how to make it into a link so smart phones can simply click on it.

I'm using 10.0
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Here is the HTML for it :  
<a href="tel:1-123-456-7890">1-123-456-7890</a>


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Hi Fuhrman,

  • Your website uses HTML to render website to users' smart phone (browser)
  • HTML uses an ANCHOR TAG to render a clickable link
  • ANCHOR TAG uses attribute HREF to reference a resource on internet (a website page, phone/tel, email, etc.)

So, you will need to change the phone number to an ANCHOR TAG, using [tel] as the resource type in HREF attribute.

So, 123-45678 will become <a HREF="tel:123-45678">123-45678</a>

Happy to help.


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