I need a solution to display an alternative template layout for certain topics.

The t-topicname.aspx, will display a topic using the "standard" master.template
The t2-topicname.aspx, will display a topic not using either a template nor the css from your current skin.

I'm looking to create  t3-topicname.aspx functionality that will display the topic using an alternative master page.

I've created duplicates of driver.aspx and driver.aspx.cs and tried changing the template used in the file and that did not work. and I've tried using template switching but that does not seem to work for me either.

Currenting using v9.3.1
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try adding this code to the copy you made of driver.aspx.cs.

protected override string OverrideTemplate()
	return "template2.master";


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Thank you

This is exactly what I needed!