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We recently started using the Multi-Image module to display front and back product images and a couple things went haywire. When we use the Multi-Images the Customers Also Bought component at the bottom of the product page disappears, and the icon images below the main image do not display. Instead it displays the /App_Themes/skin_1/images/nopictureicon.gif. If I set the appconfig parameter MultiImage.UseProductIconPics to false it uses the number icons im1.gif and im2.gif...
The products without the Multi-Images displays the Customers Also Bought without issue...
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Kevin -

We have customers using the multi image with the customers also bought and they are working fine.

What Display XML Config package are you using for the product page?  Have you modified it at all? If so, can you try changing it back to the out of the box XML Config package and see if it resolves it.

Lori McDonald
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Hello Lori,


Thanks for the prompt reply...


We are using the product.VariantsInRightBar.xml.config XML Package in our product pages. I tried putting the generic one and I still see the same issue. :-(



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My mistake. It turns out the products I was trying were new and had no data to provide for the customers also bought so it doesn't display. Boy I feel like a maroon... :-)


Thanks for the help Lori.


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