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Custom Level receipt error

We have an error on our website. It relates to customer levels, when a customer places an order and are on a customer level they get this error when the receipt is being sent.

The specified order is no longer valid or is empty!

In admin I can see the Receipt fine so it is something to do with the way that the email receipt is being sent. After looking at the old forum it appears to be related to the receipt but as no emails are sent via our development site.

I’ve looked at the app configs in live and they all appear to be fine in 9.3.1

Anyone else see this?
asked Dec 17, 2013 in MultiStore by Skriver (2,345 points)

1 Answer

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I don't know if this is the same, but I did have something similar. in the Admin, I could see the order, but couldn't see the lines.

The order actually got duplicated.

This was because when the procedure for Adding to Cart (I think its AddToCart...??) was running, I had another program running to calculate their price for the cart with discounts at the same time. We didn't have a NOLOCK on the request, so it created another order and left the other order half done.

So...I'm guessing that something is getting held up. Is your site on a SMTP relay? I know we had to add the server to our email server. now I just use gmail for everything. Free and works (mostly)

if you find out what happened, let me know. I try to keep a running list of things of "enhancements"
answered Dec 17, 2013 by Mikecali (1,525 points)
Thanks, did some digging and there was an error in the shipping notification that was causing the issue. Seems to be resolved now but will keep an eye on it.