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Orders getting through without Inventory being Reduced

i'm on MultiStore 9.3.1

On rare occassions, i am seeing orders in my admin where the inventory was not reduced which is, of course, causing inventory problems.

When i look in the database at one of these orders, i see a couple odd things....

1. Orders.InventoryWasReduced=0 for this order (normally this is 1)

2. Orders.AlreadyConfirmed=0 (Normally this is 1)

3. the items for this customer are still in the ShoppingCart table.  Normally this table only contains items that have NOT been purchased yet.  So, it seems that something went wrong when processing the order.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this or why it might be happening?
asked Dec 31, 2013 in MultiStore by jkeough78 (185 points)
There are occasions that an order gets interrupted prematurely, such as the customer killed the session or some other timeout or similar problem occurred that caused some of the finalization to not happen. This is typical (although rare as you stated) and I am not aware of how this could be fixed.

I imagine it could be done through sql to remedy these orders, if you can identify proper data such as those you mentioned.

1 Answer

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Do you have any types of payment methods that do not go directly to Captured?  I believe inventory is only reduced on Capture, so if you're doing Authorization only, and maybe capturing outside of ASPDNSF, inventory will not be reduced.
answered Jan 3, 2014 by pligon (1,750 points)
thank you for trying to help me!  i looked into this and all of my payment methods are 'authorizing' only.  the orders where inventory do not get reduced seem to be scattered, rare, and random.  i think it must just be something happening on rare occassion with the user trying to check out and maybe the checkout screen crashes in the middle of processing.  its very rare so i won't worry about it.