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One of the xml packages behaves normally for some products and abnormally for others.

I have a number of products that are set to use the xml package "variantsingrid.etc..."Some of them display normally; on some of them, when you click the numbers under the main product image to see the other images, nothing changes (although when you click on the number for one of the other images and then click on the product image, the larger image that pops up is actually the other image in that slot); and for one, none of the variants show up at all, although the product image behaves correctly (that is, when you click on the numbers for the other views, the main image changesto display the one you clicked on). I can't find anything else that is different between the other settings or images that would explain this. Any hints?
asked Sep 20, 2013 in MultiStore by EarlyMusicShop (120 points)
Yes, that is the underscore issue, as the software is looking for 1_2.jpg instead of 1_2_.jpg
Otherwise, there is also a caching issue if the no picture image isn't even there.
cachemenus and cacheentitypage are both set to false, for now... if this is a caching issue as well, what do I do about it? Cache duration is set to 60 minutes... the problem persists with stuff I added longer ago than that.
BTW, I have now switched it back to the numbers instead of images, and on the items I have uploaded this afternoon no numbers show up.
There are possibly other server-side caching going on. If you correctly added images to a product, and are using a valid stock xml package, then the image display will work. Try hitting Reset Cache in the admin panel, regardless of the AppConfig settings.

This really should be taken to support.

That is highly unusual indeed. If you can provide an admin login in the special fields of a support ticket, I will be happy to take a look at your setup:

I did submit a support ticket, but have not heard any response...
Great! I see your ticket and will be able to get to it by the end of the day.

1 Answer

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I reviewed these issues in the website and came to these conclusions:

1) A product that would not display the medium images when the additional image numbers were clicked was fixed by replacing the default variant with a cloned version. I cannot explain this oddity other than to note that the default variant ID was coincidentally the same as the Product ID.

2) The products having an issue displaying any variants had the Page Size and Column Width values set to "0"

All good!
answered Oct 1, 2013 by Vortx Erik (4,070 points)
I'm late in this response, but thanks for solving that for us. Much appreciated!!