Wonder if there is any Point of Sale (POS) system that works with the Aspdotnetstorefront database, a system that would sync the the inventory, sale, and purchase. Let say, an item was sold on the website, and it would reflect that in the POS system. And if an item is sold at the store, it would reduce from the oneline inventory as well.

Thanks a lot.

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I think possible POS is good enough to overcome your demands! I am using the same btw so i think that should help you!! Thanks.

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We are looking to do this for a couple sites. I don't know if there is a POS that works (maybe someone else can answer). But we are tying directly into the SQL Server of the POS for Inventory. The POS is using MSSQL, so that is our plan of attack.

Basically, we want an option for "Pick up at Store" - and then choosing the store with inventory showing at each store.

If you run into any other (better) option, please let me know.
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You can use quickbooks Point of Sale, it works with www.atandra.com which is readily integrated with aspdotnetstorefront (the database already has the fields that are needed so there is no integration work needed)

One thing to note, you need to make sure all of your products are variant based and you are not using short-hand items like track by color and size as those items do not have unique IDS and will not map properly with Atandra.
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We track our inventory using color and size combination so that is not an option for use. But Quickbooxs looks like a well integrated POS.

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Also we have done integrations with:



Retail Pro

Documents Now


Retail Star


With WSI and a good developer you should be able to integrate with any decent / modern POS system.
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Can you give more detail about integrating with RetailPro? how was it done?

  • Does the website syn the sale and purchase inventory with the RetailPro on a set time interval?
  • How much customeriztion was done? to the website and the RetailPro?
  • How long is the proejct?
  • And can you tell the cost of the integration?




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As written before, you should be able to get it inegrated with most of the POS systems either directly or indirectly though excel import/export.

We have done before with the Stone Edge POS.
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We integrate with Keystroke POS: keystrokepos.com

We have several projects completed and it works with the Size/Color matrix. Inventory and Customers are synchronized, orders & packing slips are automatically printed, and integrated with UPS & FedEx.

Let me know if you still need a solution or have any questions.



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