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How to add FirstName and LastName to welecome email - xmlpackage?



I'm trying to customize the welcome email xml package.   I want to start with :

Dear FirstName LastName,

Welcome to .. . .. 



Thank you,


But I can't seem to get the firstname and last name to apear in the email that gets sent out.

Here is my xml package:

Any help?

<query name="Customer" rowElementName="Item">
 select customerid, firstname, lastname from customer where customerid = @customerid
 <queryparam paramname="@customerid" paramtype="runtime" requestparamname="customerid" defvalue="0" sqlDataType="int" validationpattern="^\d{1,9}$"/>

xsl:param name="firstname" select="/root/Customer/Item/firstname" />
<xsl:param name="lastname" select="/root/Customer/Item/lastname" />
<xsl:template match="/">

<xsl:variable name="customerName">
 <xsl:value-of select="$firstname"/>&#0160;<xsl:value-of select="$lastname"/>

Dear <xsl:value-of select="$customerName" />,



asked Jan 25, 2014 in MultiStore by vultureds (495 points)

1 Answer

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Best answer
This is from an older version but its what we used to get it to work


answered Jan 27, 2014 by Skriver (2,345 points)
selected Feb 18, 2014 by vultureds
Thanks so much!!